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To my princess my treasure priceless
and the one who make me feel like a royal highness
I say have a great day.
I love you yesterday today and every other day

To the love of my life I say good morning,
to my better half may you always have reason to laugh
As you start today receive more grace to live as it has been written of you

You are reading I suppose
the texts that you read are for a purpose.
That you may know my heart is with you
that's why I chose to compose this short prose
for the woman I love,
the princess that I chose to love.
Good morning.

The sun is bright
Your eyes are bright
May your day be filled with sunlight
Have a great day take care and be alright

I loved you yesterday
Love you still this morning
Enjoy the best of today
To you I say good morning

Like the love of a mother to her child,
like the love of a groom to a new bride
so is my love for you my princess my soon to be bride.
Love you dear and have a fantastic day.

My Bride
My pride my soon to be bride,
my friend the one to whom I blend,
my soul mate to whom I relate like my mate,
I so much love you
I so much miss you
can’t say it enough. Have a nice day.

Like A Baby
You slept like a baby
felt love like a baby
woke up to God glory
am still loving you daily
my one in a million baby,
enjoy your day my princess.
A New day
It a new day another chance to live more,
another chance to give more ,
another chance to love more,
another chance to say I love you with my heart body and soul,
a great day to you love.

Blessed are those who believe without seeing,
I don’t know what you see
but I see a woman that can make a man successful indeed,
I need you to be that woman you will.
Have a great day.

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