BEWARE GUYS!!, Here Are Just 10 Categories Of Ladies You Should Not Deflower If You Won’t Marry Them”

In a nutshell, almost every Nigerian guy wants to be the first person to pop a lady’s cherry as it is a thing of joy and validation of being a real man.
The major concern is that many guys take ladies v!rginity without without having any intention to date let alone marry them.
Before taking that step, there are categories of ladies you should not disflower nor impregnate if you know you won’t marry them.

1. Spiritual Ladies
Some ladies stay away from men just because they have vow to God not to lose their virginity before marriage. When you trick these ladies by promising them undying love just to take their virginity from them, God’s wrath will definitely come upon such a man.
2. Hot tempered Ladies
In case you don’t know, some ladies are very aggressive that they don’t take poo from guys. If you dare break their virginity and try to dump them, they can torture you either by biting off your joystick or pour acid on you
3. Native Doctors Patronizers
To be very frank and sincere, guys really need to take a chill pill on whom to break their virginity if not calamity will befall them.
This reminds me when I was reading profusely for my final exam last month just to escape probation when I overheard a lady making incantations and raining curses on his boyfriend who robbed her of her virginity and broke up with her afterward.
I had to quickly lock my window and switched on my home theatre so that the curses she laid will not lose direction and come straight into my own room.
4. Ladies who coerce you into Blood Covenant
Some ladies put guys in bondage by forcing blood covenant on them when they breach their promises to marry them after sleeping with them. Such guys may eventually breach their promises carelessly and may end up in six feet.
5. Ladies whose Families are Fetish
It is very paramount to know that some parents make incisions on their daughters and lay curses on any guy who tricks them into s ex.
Some guys out of ignorance will do the deed and won’t be able to get jobs after graduating from school. guys may not know this. Sometimes they graduate from school and end up playing Bet9ja and 1960bet as a result of the spell.

6. Ladies whose Family Forbid Abortion
In some families, it is a taboo to impregnate their daughters and opt for abortion.
That was how my friend tricked this neighbour’s maid into his room when dying of konji and before the girl could say Jack Robinson, my friend don begin comb the girl after which she got pregnant. Am impromptu wedding was fixed and he was forced to marry the girl.
7. Underage Girls
Some guys are ambassadors for deflowering ladies just to brag to their friends that they’re indeed men. That was how I read on Nairaland front page about a man who impregnated a soldier’s daughter a d was sent to 21 years imprisonment.
8. Ladies Suffering from Physical Disability
It is very disgraceful that some guys even take advantage of the physically challenged ladies when they know they can’t marry them. Guys should really caution themselves because the girls parents will always be praying for a scape goat that will impregnate their daughter and the man will marry her by force by fire.
9. Rural/Village Girls
Some of us who school in villages will know that some students will always flirt with local girls in the village just to enjoy their lives. This is a very risky thing to do considering the fact that when casala burst, the guys will be forced to marry the poor girl.
10. Ladies whose Fathers are Prophets
A word from an angry prophet especially the one from a white garment churches can either sharpen your life or destroy it.
These prophets can see you when bleeping their daughters through revelations and will use Bible verses to lay curses on you.

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