BULLY IN #BBNaija: Imagine! Just See What Bully Bally Did To Debie-Rise That Got Every Housemate Including Biggie Angry With Him {Must See}

Hours back, Social Media went agog over Bally’s outburst to Debie Rise. A lot of people were saying Bally verbally assaulted her, others say he is arrogant, unapologetic and a bully.
So let’s take you through the happenings so far: Whilst Bally was conversing with Debie, he kind of let his tongue loose, and indirectly said she won’t get married the way she acts, “her character”. (Is this because of how she clings to Bassey?).

Debie got offended and made it known to the housemates. She took it very personal as she made it known that, even if it’s a joke, it was a very wrong one and it should never happen again.
Housemates decided to revisit the issue, after Bisola asjed that Bally apologise for his utterances but Bally, being the boss he is, asked that he explain better before he apologised.

TBoss also chipped in, saying that he was totally wrong and his words were berating.
You can hear Debie throwing some subtle shades at Bally. Minutes after this short clip, Biggie called Debie into the diary room, and they spoke at length…
Will this anyway affect Bally? knowing fully well that he’s up for possible eviction this week

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