DEATH CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!! Many People Use This Product Every Day And Are Not Aware That It’s Slowly Killing Them!

Before we start with this article, I would like to ask you a simple question – when you’re at the grocery store and you grab a package of chicken and the juice gets on your hands, what do you do? Or, when your kids are playing at the park, what do you do to clean their hands before they dig into their picnic lunch?
Well, I really think that if you’re like most people, you probably slap on some hand sanitizer, rub the hands together and go about your business – and you’re not alone!

Hand sanitizer is quick, it’s easy and it’s a great way to kill germs when you don’t have easy access to running water and soap. However, the next time you go to grab a bottle of sanitizer and squirt it on your hands, think twice: It could actually be doing you a lot more harm than good!
Here’s why hand sanitizer can actually be harmful to your health – because it kills the bad and the good germs.
We all know that hand sanitizer is great for killing those yucky germs and bacteria, like the common cold, the flu and even salmonella; however, while it can get rid of those bad germs, it can actually get rid of the good bacteria that your body needs. Wait, your body needs bacteria?

Yep, it sure does! There are certain bacteria that are actually good for your body. This good bacterium is vital for keeping your immune system in check. It works to battle bad bacteria when it enters your body.So, when the good bacteria are killed, it can actually lower your immune system, which means that when bad germs and bacteria get into your body, your immune system may not be strong enough to fight them off. As a result, you could end up not only getting sick, but getting sicker than you ever would have if you hadn’t used the hand sanitizer at all.

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