DID YOU LOVE YUR JESUS VERY WELL? You Should Run Away if your Pastor does not Pray about these 14 important things

The place of prayer in churches has been substituted for songs and miracles to woo large congregation.
Since praises and miracles attract more people, most pastors too have neglected the scriptural verse that says people should watch and pray. The church is no longer a sacred place, it has become a place where different atrocity is committed.
Lately, pastors fail to emphasize the need for believers to start praying more for churches, and to encourage others to do the same. These are 14 important things your pastor might not be praying about.

1. Prayer of unity
Not until recently when some churches were been persecuted, the church seemed to be asleep in place of prayer. Most pastors have gotten to empower their congregation with prayer that unity is important amid diversity.

2. Culture of discipleship

Discipleship is on the core mentorship of Jesus Christ that most pastors should emulate. Some pastors cannot even boast of a proper welfare of their members.

3. Scriptural knowledge

Most churches are no longer bothered about grooming members scriptural ability. There are no faithful elders in the church who would use scripture to train members to do the work of ministry.

4. Hunger for the gospel

Most churches hardly remember to pray for that zeal and hunger for studying the gospel anymore. People, including the pastors are more concerned with criticizing rather than guide and guard one another.

5. Transparency

There is no transparency or meaningful relationships in the church. Some pastors shy away from using the name of Jesus Christ to pray. There is a problem once this become normal and remaining anonymous strange.

6. The preaching of God’s word

Some pastors’ teachings lack scriptural backings. They no longer pray that the word of God would be biblical and spirit filled.

7. Temptation

Some pastors shy away from praying that elders and members would remain above reproach, kept from temptation, complacency, idols, and worldliness.

8. Church songs
They ought to pray that the church’s songs would teach members to biblically confess and praise. Once church music is not meeting the spiritual needs of the people, then its purpose is defeated.

9. Humility

Some pastors shy away from making their congregation pray that the church’s prayers would be infused with biblical ambitions, honesty, and humility.
10. Some pastors shy away from praying that the church would grow in being distinct from the world in love and holiness, even as it engages outsiders.

11. Preparation for persecution

Churches no longer pray that members would be prepared for persecution, remembering to love, not curse, their persecutors.

12. Political aspiration

Pastors and believers forget that hopes for political change would be outstretched by the hope of heaven.

13. Faithfulness

They fail to remember that giving would be faithful, as well as joyful, consistent, and sacrificial.

14. Evangelism

Some believers and pastors have forgotten that in Christianity more members would use their careers to take the gospel to places it’s never been.

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