HAA!! TOO BAD!! What Doctors Pulled Out From This Woman's Lip Is Just Will take your breathe away (WATCH VIDEO)

Still, she was very lucky and got rid of it.The thing you are going to see now isn’t very pleasing to see, but people must be aware of this kind of things. It’s about a young woman and what she had in her lips.

She had a fat lip and thought that it was normal. But, there was something in her mouth you wouldn’t even imagine – a maggot! She had no idea about it and carried it in her lip for a very long time.
A doctor discovered it and told her about it. What happened next is that the doctors tried to pull out the larvae out, using tweezers and catching the tip of the larvae initially.

 The maggot was deeply buried inside her lips. The doctor tried wiggling his instrument in order to pull the larvae out easily. It went grosser during the whole procedure. The maggot looked disgusting. The girl didn’t know how it got there in the first place.

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