Here Are 5 Dirty Habits Of Nigerian University Girls That Will Surprise You (photos)

Dirty habits of Nigerian campus girls – Naija campus babes na! I wonder when they will realize that a campus is NOT meant to be a battleground for the finest and fittest. They carry themselves in an over-pompous and unpleasant manner that simply displays their sheer ignorance.

1. Bribery
It’s pointless! These campus babes believe that they can get away with bribery and blackmailing people to get what they want. They believe that lying and mischief will be the key to their academic success while on campus.

2. Makeup overload
Sisters, relax! The makeup isn’t running away. Some of the faces on university campuses look like failed arts and crafts projects.
3. 30 inch extensions and above

Some people are naturally blessed with long hair while others aren’t. Those of us that are lacking (myself included) love extensions. You can change your look as much as you like with different lengths of weaves and hair pieces. When it exceeds 30 inches,
I advise that you take a step back and evaluate what is really going on. 30 inches itself is a stretch!
4. Tight outfits and 6 inch heels

It truly makes no sense why so many girls dress in such a provocative and inappropriate manner on Nigerian university campuses. So many of these campus babes wear dresses/outfits, heels and accessories that are normally worn when going to clubs and lounges.
So many of them have been dressing in this manner for such a long period of time and have gotten others to thinking it’s the norm.
5. Female competition

No be educational institution again? If you want to compete, it should be with grades, not other females! By the time you combine all the points I’ve listed above, a university campus turns into a pure joke. Nigerian campus babes think university is about who has the flashiest gadgets, richest boyfriends and most money to throw around. What a shame. When going to school, you’re supposed to focus on your books and ways to progress educationally instead of wasting precious time and energy on such useless matters

source:- Nairaland

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