JESUS!!! THIS WILL MAKE YOU SAD AFTER SEEING IT! See Innocent School Boy Allegedly Killed by Soldiers At Jato Aka In Benue State (Photos)

A young teenage boy has fallen to his death after he was allegedly shot in the head by soldiers at Jato Aka in Benue State. 
The innocent schoolboy, Amenga Aondongu allegedly killed by soldiers
According to Apiah Ephraims, an innocent school boy, Amenga Aondongu was allegedly killed by soldiers in Jato Aka yesterday during an altercation. Ephraims further posted on Facebook saying that soldiers also shot seven young men who sustained different degrees of injuries.

Those shot were identified as Orngu Aondoga, Kator Atime, Aondongu Amenga, Terseer Deban Igbalumun Sam Aya and two others yet to be identified.
Whereas Amenga Aondongu was shot in the head, Igbalumun Sam Aya was shot in the chest and leg while the others were affected on the legs.
Here is what he wrote on Facebook:
….As youth Intercepted a Vehicle with Arms
….Soldiers Stray Bullet Kill Pupil.
Information reaching me from Jato Aka, headquarters of Turan nation is that the town is now on fire.
According to reports, youth keeping vigilance on the ancient town, acting on a tip up arrested a vehicle with suspected Fulani occupants allegedly with arms.
The said suspects allegedly called the soldiers in Kashimbila who then called their colleague’s stationed in Jato Aka for rescue.

Promptly, the soldier’s arrived the scene and whisked the suspected car and occupant’s to their base.
The continued insistence of the youth for the vehicle to be checked angered the soldier’s who started shooting sporadically in the air to frighten them.
In the process, a stray bullet killed a school pupil who had just returned from school and was taking launch in his compound, near the soldier’s base.
Many other armless civilians were injured as a result of the soldiers bullet including Chief Gbenda Lukera, a community leader cum politician.
The situation now is such that residents of the town are scampering for their safety while commercial shops and other economic activities are put to a halt. The villagers are alleging conspiracy of Fulani and soldiers to destroy the town.
As l write, soldiers from Kashimbila stormed Jato Aka for reinforcement, only to avoid the searching of the suspected vehicle earlier impounded by vigilante youth.
Please help call the authorities to avoid a Zaki Biam scenario.”

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