LADIES CHECK YOUR BODY NOW!! Your Body Shape Reveals How Healthy You Are (MUST READ)

Several characteristics of your body like waist circumference, leg length, and arm amplitude can be important factors for numerous diseases. Take a look at what they reveal about your health:.

Bra size
According to a study published by the Canadian Journal of Medical Association, women who have D bra size in their twenties, are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than women who have smaller breasts. This is due to the fat tissue in breasts which is sensitive to hormones, and affects insulin resistance. Healthy diet, regular workout, and balanced weight are key aspects of diabetes treatment.

Leg length
People with shorter legs could have problems with their liver, according to British Experts. Namely, they discovered that women with leg length of 50 to 73 cm had a higher number of liver enzymes, which could eventually lead to liver disorder.

Therefore, avoid alcohol consumption and other toxins as well.

Women with a shorter index finger than ring finger are at a double risk of developing osteoarthritis in older age. In men, the size of these two fingers isn’t different. However, in women, this can indicate decreased estrogen levels, which lowers the risk of bones diseases. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned disease, you need to exercise regularly and regulate your calcium intake.

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