MUST READ!! 10 Effective Home Remedies To Say Goodbye To Underarm Odor FOREVER.

It’s obvious that everybody wants to protect their body from unnecessary sweating and underarm odor. Not only that it is uncomfortable, it is very tough to get under control, as it demands some effort.

In case you don’t want to use chemical based products or if you aren’t satisfied by the deodorant you have already used, recognize the following very powerful natural remedies that can help you eliminate this unpleasant odor.

1.Stop Shaving
Instead of a spray or solution, you could choose to stop shaving in an attempt to eliminate underarm odor.

The body hair is there for reason, as it absorbs the moisture responsible for bacteria or underarm odor. Therefore, if you shave off that hair you could cause irritation, which would help to increase the smell. Hence, by not shaving you allow that smelly moisture to be absorbed, preventing the smell.

2.Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix a little water, ACV, and a splash of lemon juice, mix well and transfer the solution in spray bottle. Spray the solution under your arms before getting dressed in the morning. Feel free to carry the bottle at your workplace in case you need to reapply it. The bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odor will be held under control and well balanced with the help of this solution.

3.Natural Soap
You can eliminate underarm odor by cleaning the whole body (armpits) with natural soap. Buy natural handmade soap from goat’s milk if you do not want to make your own soap (castile soap).

4.Baking Soda
Most of you use baking soda to get rid of odors in your laundry or fridge, so why don’t you use to eliminate underarm odor too. This substance is natural and gentle. Mix equal amounts of baking soda and cornstarch. Apply it directly onto your dry underarms to prevent sweating as well as bad odor. Use this remedy when you need protection for several hours.

Apart from being used for numerous things, this powerful substance is also helpful in elimination of this unpleasant odor. Opt for odorless alcohol, such as vodka, in order to prevent smelling on alcohol. Spray some alcohol under your arms and remove the odor and bacteria right away. Of course, use it before getting dressed.

This mineral can help you solve the problem with underarm odor before it even appears. Just wash the underarms with natural soaps and apply some talc afterwards. A regular re-application prevents bacteria from growing.

6.Tea Tree Oil
This gentle oil can solve many skin problems including underarm odor. Tree oil has been used as an antifungal and antibacterial agent for hundreds of years. Just mix some natural rosewater and few drops of tea tree oil, spray under the arms and get rid of underarm odor immediately.

7.Hydrogen Peroxide
An excellent way to eliminate underarm odor is to use hydrogen peroxide. Mix water or natural rose water with hydrogen peroxide and eliminate the odor on a natural and healthy way.

Lemon is the perfect fruit that will help you to eliminate odors around the house, but it will also help you eliminate underarm odor. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that it balances the skin Ph level. Simply put a slice of lemon under the arms, leave it for 15 min and enjoy all day long.

Just rub your armpit with wet piece of alum, you will eliminate the unpleasant odor immediately.

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