NEWEST DANGEROUS DISEASES!! More Deadly To Women Than Aids, Not Even C0nd0ms Can’t Protect You. (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Lot of people are not aware of the dangers that can be transmitted sexually. One of those dangers is the HPV and women and men can be affected by it. When you first hear about HPV it does not look scary at all, but medical experts claim that HPV can be the reason for cervical cancer, penis, anus and even mouth cancer.
That is why this post will be about some facts about HPV and how to prevent it and what to do in case you get HPV. After all it is a dangerous virus that should not be underestimated.

First you should know that there are 100 different types of this virus and it affects the human skin.
Second you should know that HPV cause common warts on the feet and hands and that most types of this virus are not life-threatening meaning that they are harmless without showing any symptoms and eventually they will go away on their own without you doing anything. These facts are all explained in the National Cervical Cancer Coalition of the United States.
Now you should know that there are about 40 types of HPV that are known as genital HPV. If they are known as genital HPV it is obvious that they affect the genital area.
Bad thing about genital HPV is that 80 percent of males and females will experience at least one type of genital HPV at some point in their life.
Other bad thing about genital HPV is that you can get the virus without even having intercourse.
And the worst part is that people usually do not know that they have HPV virus because it might not show any signs or symptoms and that is why it can be easily transmitted and that one person can be infected with one or more type of HPV.
Usually people get their first experience with genital HPV in the first couple of years of becoming sexually active.

Other facts about HPV:
–Both male and female cond0ms will not completely protect you from getting this infection. They are just reducing the risk but not completely eliminating it.
–Head and neck cancer can be caused by the HPV type 16.
-Another fact about women over 30 years – do the Pap smear test or simply ‘Pap test’. This is recommended by National Cervical Cancer Coalition and it is a test where abnormal cells in the cervix that may cause cervical cancer can be detected.
–If a woman that is older than 30 years somehow gets this infection, she can cure from it in natural way she will just need to pay a visit to a gynecologist to get the proper treatment.
–We already mentioned that many types of HPV are harmless but the ones called ‘’high-risk’’ can change the cell structure of the cervix and with that to cause cervical cancer.
–Almost 30 percent of oral carcinomas are HPV-related.
–Cervical cancer is 100 percent preventable but if only it has been diagnosed in early stage. National Library of Medicine of the United States stated that.
–It is of a big importance to go to gynecologist more often to do routine exams even when the woman is not sexually active because woman that is infected with HPV (high-risk) has big chances of getting cervical cancer in the next 10 – 20 years.
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