OMG!! See How Man Was Buried Alive In A Coffin Under City Street After Kissing His Wife Goodbye, YOU CAN'T BELIVE WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT (See Photos)

A husband kissed his wife goodbye before being buried in a coffin under a city street. Friends and family closed the lid of the casket and dumped soil on top of it today after John Edwards climbed inside the box and laid down.
The pensioner is to spend three days inside the coffin in a hole dug with a JCB outside a church in Belfast. But he will at least have the benefit of mod cons including broadband internet.

John hopes the stunt will help raise awareness for those suffering from addiction and depression .

The former addict founded the charity Walking Free, which helps people who are suicidal and those with addiction. He will live stream help and advice to addicts from inside his coffin.

"I'm a former addict and I've been clean and sober for 25 years," John said. "I'm making a very large coffin, I'm burying it in East Belfast and I'm going to live in it for three days."

During his three-day stint in the coffin, John will be broadcasting stories of hope from his temporary underground home to help those who are struggling. The coffin, big enough for John to sit up and lie down in, has been kitted out with electrics and broadband.

John will take calls, emails, Skype and texts from people around the world, who in turn will share their stories, live streaming through the coffin.

It is hoped the feed will reach millions around the world.


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