ONLY GUYS SHOULD OPEN AND SEE!! See What This Lady Is Saying About Her MAssive Br*ast. Hear Shocking Words

In a new Snapchat rant, the Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika took a swipe at her rival Huddah Monroe who is currently in Miami for surgery, and then went on a long talk about the disadvantages of plastic surgery, and how she wishes to reduce the size of her b00bs.

“I have had b00b surgery before, years ago in Beverly Hills California (sic),” Vera said in one of the rants, adding that she “paid a lot” for the procedure. “Yes it’s more expensive but worth it cause you get qualified & certified surgeons with over 20 years experience. 100%.”

she added that she “still ain’t proud of her move.”

“Today, I regret having done my b00bs. In fact I even wanna get rid of them,” she continued and then took a perceived swipe at her rival who is currently in Miami for an unstated surgery, saying, “Y’all ladies rushing to Miami for surgery…learn to love yourselves. If u must, Miami ain’t the place. Hustle harder & go to Beverly Hills.”
Huddah Monroe had admitted to getting brea’st augmentation done. However, it is unclear if the surgery she underwent in Miami was a corrective surgery, even though Vera alludes to this.
The duo’s social media rivalry goes way back to 2013 after Huddah took to Twitter to shade Vera.
According to Nairobi Exposed, the duo used to be friends until they fell out, and since then have been throwing subliminals on social media.
Now, Vera Sidika is regretting her surgery, but she made sure to somehow drag unnamed foes into her drama.

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