See Cancer Signs That Most People Usually Ignore, MAY WE NEVER HAVE ANY OF THESE!!

If you are suffering from а minor health issue like pain, fever, cough, or any other health issueс, it doesn’t mean that you should not take it seriously.

These common health problems may be the first cancer signs, especially if they persist for a longer period of time , or if the condition worsens.

Constant coughing – Constant cough, especially one followed by blood, should definitely be cause for concern. Often the cough is not a sure sign that you have cancer, but constant coughing should concern you, so check it out if it comes to lung cancer.

Constant changes in the work of the intestine – When you have feeling the your stomach is not working properly or if your chair has an unusual appearance than before, it could be a sign of colon cancer. The patients with this kind of symptom should go visit a doctor and to do a colonoscopy.

Permanent changes in the bladder – If you notice blood in your urine, it could be seen as a prelude to cancer of the bladder or kidneys, but do not panic. Very often it is only from a urinary tract infection

Constant pain in the body – Most of the pain that the people feel is not a sign of cancer, but if you constantly feel pain, then you should ask for experts opinion. If you have persistent headaches, you should definitely visit a doctor. Also, constant chest pain could refer to lung cancer, while pain in the abdomen could be linked with ovarian cancer.

Changes of the appearance of the moles – Not all moles on the body are indicator of cancer but the change in their appearance should definitely be reported to a doctor who will carry out appropriate research on the causes of this phenomenon.

Wound that does not heal – If you have even the slightest wound and for three weeks is not fully healed, visit a doctor. It is expected that the body over a period of three weeks should heal itself, but if you notice that it doesn’t, visit a doctor.

Unexpected bleeding – Vaginal bleeding outside of the menstrual cycle could be an early sign of cancer of the uterus, while bleeding from the rectum leads to colon cancer.

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