SEE THEIR FACES AND BEWARE OF THEM!!! The 4 evil girls in Babcock University who constantly bullied a girl until she attempted suicide

So, there’s a trending story on Twitter right now, and we’d have to break it down for you to understand.
An anonymous source has exposed a clique of evil girls in Babcock University who they feel are ontop of the world and can never be brought down. They constantly bully and threaten Girls in their university.

Munachi Ufere, Mass Comm Dept.

The source who sent in details to @ahoestory, a popular handle on Twitter alleged that these clique of Friends: Munachi Ufere of Mass Comm Dept, Fifunmi Osinubi of IRM Dept, Monjola Adeboye and Rose Mary Awoh, 300L Mass Comm Dept, allegedly beat up and stripped a girl, Fego naked after they accused her of stealing an iPhone 6.

Fifunmi Osunibu. IRM Department
Monjola Adeboye
Rosemary Awoh 300L Mass Comm Dept.

Fego, who felt depressed about the constant bullying by these girls attempted suicide by drinking Dettol and cutting her wrist.. Apparently, she survived after she was quickly rushed to the clinic.
A source in Babcock who confirmed the story to @ahoestory claimed that Fego, the victim isn’t a saint though, as she tries to live up to the standard of these girls.. By borrowing and stealing stuffs.
Another source also confirmed the story on Whatsapp alleges that Munachi is a glorified hoe. She also claims that Munachi is a bully as she usually bully her niece in Secondary school.

Another source from Babcock University confirmed the story alleging that Munachi is a “High Standard thief”
More Details from another source:
Here’s an account of someone who also witnessed the brutal beating of Ofego by these girls:
Then Twitter handle that First reported this gist claimed that a girl who claims to be Munachi’s sister begged the handler to take down the post and even offered him money to do so: Conversation below;

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