THIS IS SCARY!! Shocked Mum Finally Brea’stfeeds Her Baby Boy, After Initial Refusal, See What Happened Earlier That Shock The World

Mum-of-four Khalida Begum, 35, has given in to her instincts and begun to breastfeed her baby boy, despite calling him an ‘alien’ for his deformities. The unusual looking baby, from India, was born with a tiny head, bulging eyes and a hard, shell-like body.

He has been swarmed by local visitors who believe he is a reincarnation of a Hindu God. Begum gave birth to the little boy on Monday and said she was “shocked” when she saw his appearance. She initially refused to breastfeed the baby.
Doctors in India have diagnosed the boy with an extremely rare genetic condition called harlequin ichthyosis, locals said. Villagers in Kadamgachi in Kathihar, are now flocking to the family home, believing he is an incarnation of Hindu monkey God Hanuman, it has been reported. .

His mother said: “Several body parts of the baby is not completely developed. When I saw the baby after delivery for the first time, I was completely shocked to see the alien-looking boy. I couldn’t believe that I had a delivered an alien-like boy.
I was so shocked and saddened by this that I asked the midwife to take the baby out of my sight. My other children were born healthy without any deformity. That’s why it took me sometime to absorb the shock.”
The boy’s father, Mohammed Imtiyaz added: “Maybe God has sent him as an exhibit.” It is not known how long the boy is expected to survive.

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