You Can't Believe this disturbing new challenge Young kids are trying out on social media (See Graphic Photos)

 A disturbing 'game' making a return to social media is resulting in children harming themselves until they have huge wounds on their arms.

Parents are being warned to look out for the marks on their children's skin after the 'eraser challenge', also known as the ABC challenge, took hold online.

The 'game' encourages children of school age to recite the alphabet while rubbing pencil erasers on their skin until it's raw and peels away, causing red, burn-like marks and in some cases open wounds.The kids are told to post photographs of their damaged skin on social media and the 'winner' is effectively the person with the biggest wound.

Some children are sharing pictures of bandages or plasters on their wound with the hashtag #regret - but all too late.

 Culled from MPN BLOG/Daily Mirror.

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