YOU CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!! Update On The Woman Whose Husband Took To Sharia Court For “Praying Too Much”. (Photos)

Remember the Christian woman whose husband took to sharia court in Abuja for “worshiping God too much”, the case has been thrown out of the court. The husband was actually asking the sharia court to assist him in getting separation from his wife for 6 months….
Read below what was shared by Nigerian human rights lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye on Facebook.
Just as it came about, the case was thrown out of the window suddenly. I called the man a dangerous Chrislamic man who goes to church on Sunday and yet takes his wife to Sharia court. I told the court that it lacked jurisdiction.

I thought it was a brilliant display i know the man was rattled because he had mocked his wife, saying to her: “Where will you find money to hire a lawyer?” But the man never heard of DPA. Unknown to him, as a registered member of DPA, the woman had the capacity to bring 100 lawyers to that court. The man was visibly shaken. Anyway, i will allow Uzoma and Chris to tell the story of what happened in court.

Some DPA members were at the court. One pharmacist, who is an advocate, came to court to see us. And the big surprise, the Deputy Registrar of the Court is a DPA member. Her name is Fatima. She appears in one of the pictures. The Prosecutor also wants to join DPA. He is in the pictures too.

Our client is grateful to all DPA members for their support.

Surprise! The Redeem Christian Church signboard is right opposite the Sharia Court…

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