YOU CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! This Shocking Man Forces Wife to Have X With His Friend for Money… See Shocking Amount and Details

This is most shocking news I have seen today!! An elderly married woman has been forced by her own husband to have x with his own friend for money in their home.
A 63-year old woman claimed she was forced by her 69-year-old husband to prostitute herself on two occasions for RM20 (about N1,383)

According to The Star Online, the incident occurred in Padang Terap, a Malaysian town.
Deputy Police Supt Ahmad Nasir Jaafar said the woman was forced to have x with the husband’s friend, aged 61, on March 21 and April 2 in Padang Sanai.

“The woman said her husband received RM20 from the man.
“Her husband and his friend have been arrested and remanded for a week to allow police carry out further investigations,” he said adding that the woman reported the matter to the police on Thursday.
The case is being investigated for r*pe and exploiting a person for purposes of prostitution.

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