DON'T OPEN IF YOU UNDER 18!!! How My Born-Again Friend Gave Me the Best "kancking" of My Life – Man Narrates Tasty Tale

A Nigerian man has narrated how a born-again friend gave him the most incredible s*x of his life that uptill today, he is yet to forget the tasty encounter.
Ben Victor shared the interesting story on his Ila Otu group on Facebook. He captioned it “#Sextimony by a member who wishes to remain anonymous”
“So official assignment took me to Abuja out of my base. Being on transit, I was lucky to have a friend who accommodated me in his posh Duplex Apartment. I was made comfortable for the three months short period of my assignment.

Lo my best friend had a sister cousin who lives with him. Ben the sister na fire brand born again belonging to one of the most conservative popular Pentecostal Churches. Infact I was meant to know that she was a pretty chick before she gave her life to Christ. I learnt she burnt all her jean trousers, gold necklace, weavons etc in pursuit of the kingdom that is to come.
Within my first week, I get awoken by her casting and bindings and violent prayers. Ben she be ezigbo sister. I always had the training that sister of my best friend is also my sister. I discipline my body not to get aroused at the closeness of any of my friend’s sisters talk more one who gave me transit lodge. Ben what I didn’t know was that sister was already longing and crushing on me.
Gradually, gradually sister began to care when am late from assignment, what I want to eat etc. Yet I didn’t read any message. Not the violent sister who doesn’t do shampoo or fix hairs. Then my friend traveled for a program to UK leaving me and sister in his house. Nothing seemed unusual until one night, I returned from work and we settled in the parlour as usual watching movies. I didn’t know sister was in a condition that she needed my amu so badly but lacked expression. Me too see her as Sharia (no go area) as she be sister ndi ike, so how would I have read the message. I didn’t know what was amiss until I excused myself to the bathroom to ease myself. Before I returned, I saw that sister had left her sit and landed in the 3-in-one cushion chair I was lying and watching my movies. Hian! I exclaimed o. Sister ochoro idoputa mu? I whispered in my spirit. I asked her to leave and she refused. Then I gently and quietly layed on the floor to avoid the devil. Before sister would cast and bind me. I then asked sister for my pillow she laid her head and lo and behold, as I dragged the pillow, sister followed the pillow and landed on my chest.
Chuoi! Ben Inukwa ifem na eli come find me come. It was then I read the message clean clear. I started robbing gently and gently to know if she meant it or she was joking. I robbed her head and to her eye lashes, and sister kept quiet. Then I caressed her Obioma Ngwa Local Government region and sister kept mute. Then I deeped my hand into her Bra and grabbed her nipples. Ben Sister unlocked all the passwords for me. But yet feigning sleepy. Then I moved down to her Isiala Ngwa Local Government and fingered her. Ben come and see aji otu. It happened that as sister swore not to do shampoo and attachment hair, na so she kept her aji otu like sambisa forest. Ben her otu mere nrachi like she returned back to virginity level. Chuoi this is eclipse. As I continue to feel her otu, she continued moaning and rolling like rattle snake as if to say “oteele oooo, ogugbuolemuoooo”. Ben there was no arrangement for condom, so I pulled sister’s panties and undressed her. Then I fucked sister’s otu. But the aji otu was as sharp as razor, but the exploration of a starved and long unexplored otu was out of this world. I was feeling like when Mungo Park came to explore the vast virgin Nigerian forests.
During the first round, sister acted like a novice. But as I retired to the room to go and sleep, sister left her own room that night and followed me to my own room and we continued the fucking. I continued giving her the sacrament and by the time we got to the second round, we changed styles. By the time I mounted sister from the back, Ben come see as sister set her Bakassi for the Doggy. Sister even came up and ride me like horse owner. I was like chuoi na that sister wey dey wake me up with casting and binding prayers at 4 am dey suck and fuck my amu like this?
After that day, sister told me she felt bad committing fornication with me. She told me she confided in a Pastor in their Church narrating what we did and that he said she should leave the house because I was an agent sent to come and draw her away from the faith. Me I felt happy cos I felt guilty too that I fucked my best friends sister in his own house. I couldn’t get over the guilt if we continued and got bursted. Secondly I wanted the freedom to be bringing my babe too so that she wont attack them out of jealousy. But sister continued coming and asking for more of the fuck. I capitalized on what she told me her Pastor said and told her I want to help her remain in the faith. I managed to keep her at bay and concentrated on my babe from outside. I made her know it was a fling and that was all.
Then one night, I had finished the second round with my babe in my room and decided to take a walk around. Then I strolled into sister’s room. She was very angry with me eeh. You could read the fury from her face. I tried to play with her she asked me to leave her. I tried to get her attention but she refused. I tried and tried and in the cause of resisting she didn’t know when we accidentally began a deep and passionate kiss. Before you know it I grabbed her nipples and unlocked her password, Within few minutes I grabbed her clit and next minute sister grabbed my Dik and sucked it like say tomorrow no dey. Then she positioned her otu well. I sucked daylight out of sister’s otu and she was screaming. I feared that my girlfriend who I just left in my room after just two rounds may hear her moaning and catch me. Right there sister turned her back and I gave her the baddest doggy. Ben Amu is an idiot o. See amu wey just do two rounds for za oza room is fit and banging another otu in another room. I gave her the hottest banging and she was thankful. Then I left quietly back to my girlfriend without any slightest suspicion from her.
Sister is happily married now and me I am happily married too. One day she called me from her city and reminded me the crazy night I fucked her after just fucking my girlfriend. She told me it was a crazy encounter for her like no other. I told her I cherished the memorable experience too. We laughed it over.
N’eziokwu Ben amaghim na Ila Otu na agu ndi sister in Christ.
Aga na ala otu n’ike na ebube!”

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