PLZ DON'T OPEN IF YOU UNDER 18!!! How My Husband Give Me The Best "KANCKING" O my life-- #Sextimony by a lady who wishes to remain anonymous.

"Early this morning was divine. What I felt this morning, I had never felt it since I started ila amu. Hummmmmm! Ben I am sure if everyone who this group has helped in their homes will tell themselves the truth and testify, your inbox will blow off. I am among the blessed lucky women whose hubby are ever willing to learn! I joined the group and I read how my body is beautifully equipped with pleasure tools; I started telling my hubby about the group and the things we discuss and also practicals were not left out as well. Last night, I finished having my bath and joined hubby in the room; immediately I came in, he left, I knew he was coming back because already I was wearing a very short pink night wear, no pant, no bra and I had shaved off my aji otu with his clipper the previous day. I spread my legs and pretended to be sleeping as I heard his foot step, he turn on the light and said excuse me and I heard him turn off the light and joined me; Ben I knew he won't escape this temptation. I was damn hot. I felt his lips in my mouth, we started kissing for long mins, it was a different type of kiss, I will take his upper lip, he will take my down lip we interchange it that way with him squeezing my breast and giving him hand job, touching his nipples, the joining line between his anus and amu, his laps everything where I read I should touch, he broke off from there and took my legs up and sucked me crazy, he licked my pussy like there was ice cream in it; he licked it like I poured honey in there, hummm I held his head , I robbed his head like I was rubbing him hair cream, I threw my head back, I felt like I was exploding, the feeling was out of this world, he licked my pussy, chewed my pussy, drank my pussy, I never felt that way before. I was praying thanking God, I was making promises to God, he opened my hole, put his tongue inside and fucked my pussy with his tongue, wow for more than how long I can't say, he gave me a new dimension of ila otu, I felt like electric shock I could breathe well, I didn't know what to do, Ben I was Cumming with reckless abandon and before I could recover I felt his Amu in my otu and he whispered in my ear, your pusssy was so sweet and fresh, I didn't feel like stopping and as he said it, he banged me slowly. I was running out of breath, my body on fire, the feeling was crazy, penetrating slow and steady and killing, I widen my legs, raised it up, I became so flexible, he took more mins than I expected and asked should I cum, I said No, I want more, after a while he said please let me pour in your pusssy, I said ok, Ben that was when he roared and poured, I felt the hot sperm inside. When he poured, I asked him, is it my wedding night? He laughed and said yes because even our wedding night almost 10years ago, you didn't do this magic to my body. He smiled and said I never knew your pussy is this sweet, I climbed him in a cowgirl position, gave it to him and we both had a convulsive Cummings, he said my pussy wasn't dry for a second, I smiled and said you did to the body what it needed to remain greased till the end. That was all I remembered till 5am this morning when he woke me up to prepare him for his trip. When he got to base and called, I was not listening, I was just saying I love you, I miss you. I enjoyed you so much. Thanks bae.
Now I want to say thanks to Ben and his crew, you have redefined our sex life in my marriage. Rebranded by your leading

#Sextimony by a member who wishes to remain anonymous.
"Bia uncle Ben abi brother Ben, ihea unu na eme ndi Madu odi nma? you people have turned people to ila otu slaves. I introduced my wife to this group, after reading some of the raw posts here, she sent me a text while I was at work, that she is wet, thinking about me, and wants to eat me. When I got home, I rushed to shower, I was in the bath room when she came in to join me; she pushed me back, I pleaded to at least let me eat, she responded with a soft kiss, bro, I kissed back, I took control and ran the tip of my tongue slowly through her neck region, ears, spinal, buttock, slowly opening her legs, from her laps to her protruding navel (didn't tell you guys she is in her last trimester, same thing I did the first time and she brought forth our son without a single tear).Then I navigated and found her honey pot. I hung one of her legs to a low chair she uses for bath, then started writing letter O(obiagu) @ the entrance. You need to hear moans like angels singing a Christmas hymm.The obiagu obiagu obiagu went on for not less than five minutes and she shivered, quaked and shouted amidst her flowing Juice. I started writing letter "I" from down to up,( nothing tastes so good like the juice of a preggy wife or the milk from her mmiri ala, while breastfeeding, try it and thank me later). I continued with the letter "I", before the juice could dry up, she quaked and poured another. I took her to the living room, lay and spread her legs on the sofa, brought my bottle of honey, spread it on my amu, then spread it on her ikpu which is well positioned, reddish and begging to be banged. I slowly started licking back my honey, Ben her shout no dey here at all, before I finished, guess what? I then inserted my long sugar rod with pointed head and banged away; she moaned the more. I fucked her for close to 30mins switching styles, before I yelled like a raged bull and shoot everything into her goddamned pussy. The warmness of the cum made her held me so tight and she cum too. I hope the honey won't cause a disease or disorder for her?"

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