SHOCKING!! HOW BEAUTY TURNED BEAST!! See Nigerian secondary school leaver loses an eye and her b reasts, after an acid attack from a lady who dreamt, HER REASONS WILL LEAVE YOU SHOCKED!!

As reported on Facebook by Ijeoma F Uba.
Read Below…
Spirituality? Stupidity? Sheer wickedness?
This beautiful girl who made distinctions in her WAEC examination was bathed in acid by a married woman.

The reason?
Madam married woman claimed she saw this girl and her mother chasing her in a dream. In that same dream, this girl took her place as the wife of her husband who is a driver.
Madam Josephine the dreamer, woke from her dream, targeted this budding talent who is said to be the brightest in her family, and bathed her in acid.
I can’t display all the pictures here because they are gory. But medically, she can’t b reastfeed her children when she eventually has them because her b reasts are damaged.
An eye has also gone blind. All because she was seen in a dream taking the place of a full grown married woman.
In 2017???????
Ijeoma Uba

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