10 body parts your man wants you to touch, You Must Know NO 3 & 6 (MUST WATCH)

One of the major causes of spousal disagreement is unsatisfactory s..x. While a lot of men pride themselves in being knowledgeable about a woman’s body, most women on their part cannot boast of the same.

As a lady, have you ever found yourself feeling clueless when it comes to playing the seduction game? Pleasing your man isn’t rocket science, especially when you know where the hot spots are.

If you have been experiencing a little difficulty in driving your man crazy in bed, it could be because you have limited yourself to caressing only his package. Follow this guide to help you explore other areas that will take him to the peak of ecstasy.

1. Neck: Neck is a sensitive area and has several nerve endings. A sudden light touch can give him an instant shiver. Next time, be sure to give him gentle and breathy kisses to get him going.

2. Ear: It’s really amazing how even a simple whisper in the ear can drive your man crazy, so imagine if you use a little tongue. That will turn him on even more. Start by talking s..xy in a soft tone in his ears and follow it up with some tongue action.

3. Behind the ears: Don’t limit your whispering and licking to inside the ear but also explore the area behind his ear, earlobe and top of the ear. Bite the top of the earlobe lightly or breathe deep behind his ear next time. It will definitely drive him crazy.

4. Bum: A man’s bum is one of the most sensitive and highly ignored areas. Arouse him with a little smack when he is least expecting it. Also, you can massage his butt when you’re going down on him.

5. Skin: The skin plays an important role in the arousal process. It is the largest organ involved during sex. Rubbing and touching his skin improves blood circulation which leads to arousal. So feel free to touch as many parts of your partner’s skin as possible while in the sack. You could start with a massage and keep the heat going by running your hands up and down his back, arms and stomach during s..x.

6. Feet: Giving your guy a foot massage will not only turn him on but will also show how much you care about him. Foot massages are a great balance of er0tic $ romantic. Next time your man comes home tired after a long day, surprise him with a foot massage and he might surprise you with a s3xy time.

7. Tongue: It’s no surprise how erotic and sensual a deep kiss is. It is the simplest way to turn on your man. Don’t just stick to the same tongue motion and rhythm but spice things up by mixing it up. You could start by circling your tongue around his or lightly sucking on his tongue.

8. Lips: As previously mentioned above, kissing is a great way to spice things up. You can tease him by licking, sucking and gently biting his lips.

9. Inner thighs: While his sex organ is obviously the most erogenous part of his body, don’t shy away from exploring the area around his package. The inner thighs are extremely sensitive areas; maximise pleasure with a little stroking and licking.

10. Face: Men get turned on by the slightest touch on their face. So next time you’re kissing, sharing a joke or having 53X, don’t ignore his face.

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