DON'T OPEN THIS IF YOU GET HIGH FAST!! I Am Having Incredible S*x with Bestfriend’s Ex-boyfriend and Her Brother – Girl Confesses

A woman has confessed that she is not feeling right after sleeping with her bestfriend’s ex-boyfriend and her brother.
I had s*x with my best guy friend who has just broken up with my best girl pal. I then had boozy s*x with her brother. If she finds out, she’ll kill me. I am a girl of 21. My best guy friend is the same age as me and is like a brother to me. We have known one another for years and totally trust one another.
We were spending the evening at his as everyone had gone out. I thought I had a cold coming on so I stayed in. My friend said he would stay with me. He had broken up with his girlfriend — also my best friend — two days before and said he didn’t feel like going out and risking seeing her.
We had just opened another bottle of wine and I was telling him how I did not really feel very much when I was having s*x with my last boyfriend.

He said he cannot have been doing it right and started to show me.
I just melted. There was something about the way he touched me and kissed me that made me not want him to stop. Ever. I spoke about it briefly to him the next time we met and got the chance to talk.
He said he could not remember anything. I know he is wrong — it did happen. My worry is that his girlfriend will find out what happened between us. She would never forgive me, as she has a furious temper.
It doesn’t help that I had boozy sex with her brother about three days later. He is 19 and came back to mine after a night out in the pub. This brother and sister are both in our group of friends and I am in constant fear of all this coming out.
We live in a small town and the last thing anyone needs is an enemy or a bad reputation. There would be no other company and it is not going to be possible for me to move away for a while yet.
How can I wipe the slate clean?

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