HEARTBREAKING PICTURES!! : See This Cute Boy Has His P*nis Cut Off After Boiling Water Was Poured Down His Pants (Graphic Photos)

A little boy has had his private parts cut off after boiling water was poured down his p ants as a form of punishment.
These are photos showing a a five-year-old boy who had part of his genitals amputated after he allegedly had boiling water poured down his p ants as ‘punishment’.
According to Metro UK, the child, who is from Thailand, was brutally scalded while being looked after by a nanny, whose husband is claimed to have carried out the act to ‘punish’ him.
It is alleged that the boy had his hands tied behind his back, before a bag of boiling water was poured down his p ants.

The badly injured child was later taken to Pathum Thani Hospital in Bangkok where the operation to remove part of his gen!tals and fit a catheter took place.
The boy was left badly scarred over his abdomen and genitalia, and is also suffering from mental trauma.
Police did not initially take any action following the incident in January, however, the boy mother’s has hired a lawyer to look into the case.
Songkam Achariyasap, the advocate, has pledged to bring a prosecution.
‘The mother left her son with the couple while she went to work in another area. She called every day but when they stopped answering she thought it was weird, and went round to find out what happened,’ she said.
‘Neighbours told her that her son was in hospital with severe burns. She went to see him and he was crying, he had a massive injury to his genital area, the skin was red flesh.
‘He told her that he was punished by the officer by holding his hands behind his back, and then brought a hot water bag in his pants. He was crying for a long time.’
The man is claimed to have been a warrant officer in the Thai Air Force but has now either been fired or moved into the civil service, according to the lawyer.
Police refused for six months to investigate until the lawyer, who is a Thai celebrity, intervened.
‘This boy will have many problems in the future because of the brutal abuse. The boy is often anxious and disturbed psychologically.
‘We have ordered the police to investigate. It is one of the worst cases of cruelty I have seen in this country.
‘We have met Police Sergeant Srivoramundra, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police and we’re working with the National Police to bring justice.’

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