OMG!!! DON'T OPEN IF YOU AIN'T 20++!! See the Shameless Man Caught Red-handed Bonking His Married Neigbhour’s Wife (Photos)

A man has found himself in serious trouble after he was caught red-handed having s*x with his friend’s wife.
A 26-year-old woman has been disgraced after she was caught pants down by her husband having s*x with a married neighbour in their matrimonial home. The sad incident took place in Zimbabwe.
The woman identified as Precious Muranda was caught with her husband’s friend, Shadreck Chipoka. The angry husband, Normero Mbuzi caught his wife with the neigbhour after badging in on them due to a postponed trip to Kariba.

According to H-metro, the two were caught in the act around 10pm. The wife of the randy man also came to witness the sad incident as people called for them to be beaten. They were detained in the house until Tuesday before being handed over to the police.
Expressing sadness over the incident, Mbuzi said this is not the first time he is catching the wife in such a shameful act.
“This is no the the first time I have caught my wife cheating on me with other men and I thought that she would change but now I have realized she cannot.” said Mbuzi.
He added: “I even doubt the paternity of our last daughter because I don’t think she is my child. I no longer love her and I want her to leave my house and go with her boyfriend.” 

Speaking after she was caught, Muranda said she does not regret cheating on her husband as he was failing to look after the family.
“I am wrong and what I have don is bad but I am not prepared to leave my husband or my home. If my husband wants me to leave I will not be going with the children and Chipoka should provide money to ferry my property to my village.” she said.
She added: “I cheated because my husband is not responsible for my well-being and that of the children.”
Also speaking, Chipoka said that it was the first time his is dipping his joystick into the neigbhour’s well and begged for forgiveness.
“Yes, we were caught having s*x with Muranda by her husband and it was for that day” Chipoka said. He added: “I have my family and I cannot take Precious as my second wife as suggested by her husband, I am still to apologise to my wife.
“We have engaged relatives and we are to meet this Saturday to deliberate on the way forward, I regret my actions and feel sorry for my neighbour over my actions.”

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