OMG!! WHAT A GOOD HEART!! Cristiano Ronaldo was very annoyed on Messi's wedding, WHAT HAPPENED WILL MOVED YOU TO TEARS!

Cristiano Ronaldo was angry for losing his invitation to Lionel Messi’s wedding which he is certain was sent to him.

Messi’s wedding was dubbed wedding of the century and was attended by 260 guests including his club’s teammates and Argentina teammates both past and present.

 “My name is at the airport for God’s sake, how can they lose such an important item that was definitely sent to me? Cristiano Ronaldo asked reporters he convened in front of the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum. “Though Messi and I are not the best of friends, I know he invited me to his wedding out of respect for my accomplishments. So that means the Madeira postal service has committed a grave mistake in not delivering this invitation to me.”

Ronaldo international duty with Portugal at the Confederation Cup but his team couldn’t make it to the finals, they were eliminated on a penalty shoot out by Chile in the semi-finals.

“Of course, even if I did receive my invitation in time, I would not have been able to attend,” Ronaldo added. “I recently acquired two new children, giving me a total of three—which is one more than Messi—and I am very busy showing them highlights of my career. This, obviously, has taken a very long time.”

At this point, Diego Maradona appeared, adding that his invitation to Messi’s wedding was also lost, prompting an argument between Ronaldo and Maradona as to which of them was actually invited and which of them wasn’t. When reached to clarify the matter, Messi’s representatives said, “No comment.”

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