SHOCKING DEADLY NEWS: Wicked Woman Cuts Off Her Husband’s P*nis And Puts It Inside Her Purse…YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT SHE USES IT FOR

A married woman has been arrested for chopping off her husband’s p*nis after she accused him of having an affair, Metro UK reports.
After carrying out the crime, the woman, known only as Sarasu, put the p*nis in her purse, boarded a bus and went to visit her parents.
But she was arrested before she could reach their house in the south Indian city of Vellore.
The woman, believed to be a 30-year-old mother of four, had been married to husband Jegadeesan for 14 years but had been living separately from him, reports say.

The attack took place on Thursday after her husband had fallen asleep
The couple had argued when the husband had returned home drunk that night and told Sarasu that he would marry again because she had become old, IBT Times reported.
She interpreted that to mean he was having an affair, reports say.According to M T Irudhayaraj, inspector of police, the heated argument lasted till midnight, at which point the victim went to sleep.
‘At 3am, she took a knife from the kitchen and chopped off his organ when he was asleep and left the house, ’ he said.
Sarasu then left the house while her husband was taken to hospital in serious condition after neighbours heard him screaming.
The police officer added: ‘We arrested the accused while she was on her way to her parents’ house. She had the severed organ in her possession.’
The victim underwent surgery at Government Vellore Medical College Hospital and is now reported to be ‘out of danger’.

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