DON'T OPEN THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER 18!! See Model ‘Forced To Strip and Remove All Her Clothes’ In A Police Station In Front Of Male Prisoners (SEE WOW Photos)

A model who says she was forced to strip and expose herself in a Colombian police station in front of baying male prisoners is suing officers after they shared the X-rated footage online. Katherine Martinez claims she was told by officers at the station in Cali, Colombia, that she had to lift up her dress and expose her private parts while she was chained to a window if she wanted them to remove her handcuffs and give her a chair to sit down on.
odel 'forced to strip' in police station in front of male prisoners

A video showing the 27-year-old woman, who claimed she consented to exposing herself because she was drunk and needed to sit down because of a sprained ankle, exposing herself has since gone viral as police chiefs admitted officers posted the footage online and said they ‘deeply regretted’ their actions.

The mother-of-one, a former physiotherapist who gave up a job in a hospital to start working as a model and DJ, said: ‘All the police officers told me that if I wanted them to pass me a chair or take my handcuffs off, I had to take off my dress and show them my body.
‘Then the male prisoners began to yell at me, “Yes, yes, lift your dress up.” ‘I remember some things but not everything. I remember them telling me they were filming me.’

Cali Police commander Hugo Casas appeared to back up her version of events by confessing his own officers were responsible for posting the footage online, although he stopped short of admitting they had blackmailed the model into exposing herself.
He told local media: ‘She decided to take her clothes off and carry out obscene acts in the station but what we, as an institution, deeply regret is that what some police officers did was film what the woman was doing with their mobile phones instead of stopping her and protecting her integrity. Then the video was passed on via WhatsApp.
‘Our police force condemns this behaviour and disciplinary and judicial investigations are underway.

‘The officers have been fully identified. One is a patrol officer who drove the woman to the station, but another official is involved for failing to assist her.’
Police apprehended Ms Martinez after an altercation at a tejo game. Tejo is a traditional sport in Colombia often likened to an explosive form of the popular French game Petanque.

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