OMG!!! REVEALED AT LAST!! Shocking and Craziest Things Women Have Asked Men to Do During 53X

We all want to know what goes on behind closed doors. From the incredibly weird to the down-right strange, we’ve compiled a list of the craziest bedroom requests.
Whether you’re reading it for pure entertainment or perhaps inspiration, go forth and enjoy.
Here are the weirdest things women have asked men to do in the sack:

1. Viewing party
“A friend of mine told me that her boyfriend gets off when other people watch them have x. It was a thing I didn’t know people actually did, but it sounded hot. So I asked my boyfriend if we could try it. We invited someone over to watch us. It felt like a weird threesome, except there wasn’t a third person involved with the actual x stuff,” Marissa H., 32 told Women’s Health.

2. or*l s*x during my period
“It’s not for everyone, but my boyfriend didn’t mind it when I asked him to go down on me while I had my period. I can’t get enough of it. I can’t even explain to you how good it feels. My advice is to stop thinking too much about it and just ask.” Sarah S, 27.
3. Back in the classroom
“I’ve done some interesting role-playing in the past, like pretending to be a cop, but when I started dating my new boyfriend I didn’t know how to bring it up. So I just asked him if he’d pretend to be my student and I could be the teacher. He was into it and now it’s a regular thing for us.” said Laura H, 29.
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4. Work call risks

“This guy I recently met and I were hanging at his place and we really wanted to have s*x. Unfortunately, I had to be on an hour-long conference call. I asked him if we could do it anyway while I was on mute. He agreed and every few minutes I’d have to unmute and try to speak. It was risky but so hot.” added. Vicky R, 35.

5. Dress up fun
“I dated a guy who liked to dress in women’s clothes in high-school, and ever since then I grew to like having guys wear lingerie in bed. The second time I hooked up with this guy, I asked him if he would try it. He was so freaked out. I think he thought I was nuts. He didn’t do it. Oh well.” said Jaime D, 23.

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