SHOCKING RVEALED!! GUYS DON'T OPEN THIS!! Here are Those 2 Type Of Men Who Will Never Marry You (SEE DETAILS) .

Marriage is a goal for most of us because we want to share our lives with that special man of our own and raise a family together. Unfortunately not all men want to get married. To tell the truth not all women want it either.

But if you want to get married and are currently in a relationship, the following three types of men are probably wasting your time in your pursuit to become a wife.

#1. He moved in with you and has no job, car or anything of his own.
Usually this type of man was momma’ed (I know it’s not a real word) forever and neither knows how, nor has the desire to, become self- sufficient.

This man goes from his momma’s house to his woman’s house as long as she is willing to take care of him.

He’s used to never having to work, clean up, or buy anything for himself. He looks for women who will treat him like a king while he sits on your throne, eating your food, using your water and electricity, and playing video games while you are out working.

If you have to take care of him like a child, he is not going to marry you.

#2. He never talks about marriage.
When you bring up the subject, he may go along with you to keep you happy. Ask him to set a date and pay attention to his response.
Does he laugh it off or say “let’s talk about it later” or does he just change the subject?

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