SHOCKING SAD NEWS!! My Dad Started Knacking Me When I was 12, Then Bought Me a Car to Cover it Up- See The Nigerian Lady Who Made Shocking Confession

A Nigerian woman has narrated how she was s’exually molested by her wealthy dad even though her mother was aware. The unnamed woman who wrote to Olu Bunmi on social media narrated how it all started and warned parents to be very careful who they trust.
From my inbox… abused by her dad. Mine started at age 12, and continued for 9years!!! I will never forget the first day, I didn’t go to school because we were having inter house sports.
It was hell on earth, and he covered it up well by buying all sorts for me. I was also given extra privileges, but I paid with my innocence. I was already driving by age 14, got me a car by age 16. I was pretty known in Ibadan, spoilt kid.

He kept me by his side always, my entire education was in Ibadan to keep me within reach. My mom knew, and in fairness she stood up to him. She even reported him to his two eldest siblings (got to know that recently), but they were more concerned about keeping the family name.
She however goofed by turning on me later. She’s still asking for my forgiveness, as for my dad, I cut him totally. What I told her, the day I decided to lash out at her.
She kept begging that she was confused, she didn’t want to cry out to avoid me being stigmatized. I told her, you should have carried your kids and run. And she had a good job, she was an AGM in a bank.

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